Big John’s Adventures in Travel

Are you somebody that loves travel and adventure? Somebody that easily becomes bored with the mundane humdrum of ordinary life?

If so, then this site is definitely a place for you! Here you can journey with us through a lifetime of traveling adventures. Maybe you’ll be inspired to plan an upcoming travel-adventure of your own. But if you’re simply content just sitting on the couch, then transport that well-ridden couch right here and prepare to be entertained!





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When you return from  your globetrotting excursions, don’t forget to tell us about it in the comment sections (when you tell those tales, please make sure you don’t leave out any of the fantastical details). If you can’t recall anything particularly note-worthy, just allow your imagination to be your Travel Guide.

PS. We really love those Big Fish stories and tall tales around here; but please keep them original!

Happy travels,

Big John