Snowboarding Carnage and Mayhem at Cataloochee Ski

First things first: While I pride myself at being a pretty good skier, I am possibly the world’s worst snowboarder to ever grace the slopes. I am not kidding. Last weekend, Rebecca and I decided to embark on a ninety minute  drive to Cataloochee Ski Area in Maggie Valley, NC. For those of you not familiar with Maggie […]

From Merry Old England with Love

CLASSIFIED:   Living the life of a secret agent and international man of mystery is rarely easy in merry old England. I was inside my Godmanchester home, enjoying a nice peaceful day of rest, when an urgent coded message arrived by carrier pigeon at my garden window.   Agent 008: The panther has been spotted sipping wine  at the […]

North Korea Hacked Sony to Squash Squombie Apocalypse

North Korea hacked Sony,but why? Was it really about a current movie release starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, or was there something much more sinister at play? The answer may come as shocking, but I have the exclusive uncensored report below. A Hwasong Suey rocket aims towards Seoul after North Korea hacked Sony.  North Korean […]