A Glimpse Into New Mexico – The Enchanted Land

There’s this guy I know who is a collosal dreamer. There’s really nothing wrong with associating yourself with people like that; unless perhaps you’re intent on surrounding yourself with only the more well-grounded, mundane types. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t recommend engaging this guy in anything more than casual conversation. I let my guard […]

Touring Barcelona

Barcelona is the largest city in the Catalonia region of Spain. With a population of 1.6 million people within its city limits, this is easily the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea.¬†When Rebecca and I arrived in late June, the weather was extremely warm and pleasant. Donned in comfortable sneakers, tanktops, and sneakers, we put […]

A Rocky Mountain Roadtrip through the Centennial State

In mid-November, I had the pleasure of attending a work-related conference in Aurora, Colorado. After the forum ended, Rebecca and I procured a rental car and embarked on a Rocky Mountain roadtrip through the majestic Centennial State. Our trip would hold no particular destination point. We embraced a level of spontaneity, stopping along the way […]

Two Days in Venice – Italy’s Famous City of Canals

In the Veneto Region of Italy, partially submerged in the murky waters of the Adriatic sea, rests one of the most romantic and renowned places in all of Europe – Venice. The heart of this Venetian lagoon has no roads above water and, outside of its raised walking paths, its winding canals can be traversed […]