Summer Scenes in the Port City of Ibiza

Of all the Balearic islands, Ibiza is the one that most often comes to mind when considering that go-to-place for some serious fun in the sun. This archipelago of Spain is well known for its lively nightlife, electronic music, ¬†and spectacular beaches. The island has become a playground for the rich and famous from around […]

Trailing Beauty along the Cinque Terre

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things about traveling to a new place is knowing exactly how to get there. When Rebecca and I hopped on the La Spezia station train heading for the Cinque Terre, it wasn’t that I didn’t know which train to take. It was really more of a question as to […]

Monkeying around on Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar was referred to by the ancient Romans as the Pillars of Hercules. Legend has it that Hercules pushed up this massive rock out of the water, along with another pillar known as Jebel Musa , and narrowed the strait. This musclebound deity was said to have constructed these promontories to prevent […]