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Life is Always Sunny in Southend-on-Sea

In Essex County of Merry Old England lies the seaside resort town of Southend-on-Sea. This quaint coastal community  is really quite remarkable. It boasts seven miles of beaches, great shopping, a seaside amusement park, and the world’s longest leisure pier. It was one place that I just had to see for myself!

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It appears boating is very popular along this particular section of coastline.


beach huts

Rows of coloful beach huts on the Southend-on-Sea beach

Prior to visiting this town, I had never even seen a beach hut before. These colorful wooden boxes, absent of windows, aren’t like anything you would normally find in the United States.  From what I gather, the majority of them are privately owned and they are commonly not used for any type of overnight stay. The European-style beach hut is simply a modest structure in which to seek temporary shelter from the sun, wind, and rain. They also serve the  purpose of being an oversized dressing room if you will. The beach hut provides a private and convenient place to change into and out of beach clothing. In addition to this, these boxy structures are perfect for storing those personal items too cumbersome to tote around. All in all, these beach huts seemed to be all the rage in Southend-on-Sea.


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Rebecca on a breezy beach at Southend-on-Sea.


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Seagulls splashing in the silvery tides.


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Southend-on-Sea has numerous parks and green spaces that are a beautiful contrast to the pebble-strewn beaches.


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Rebecca is ready to do some shopping in the town centre.


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The “American Merry Poppins” in an English seaside town.


Southend-on-Sea has a town centre that is well-known for its high-end retail and commerce.

In addition to its quirky mom-and-pop shops, Southend also has its share of ‘big name’ high-end retailers.



Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 047

Rebecca particularly liked this café bearing her name.



Adventure Island at Southend-On-Sea

While this is no Atlantic City, amusement parks and video arcades make this British town a family-friendly getaway that’s sure to please!



When was the last time you road a coaster right on the beach?


pier postcard

An early postcard of the Southend-On-Sea Pier.

Southend-on-Sea is home to the longest leisure pier in the world.  This way-long  wharf was built in 1830 and stretches to an amazing 1.33 miles offshore.


 See the longest leisure pier in the world at Southend-on-Sea!



The Sands Bistro Restaurant was one of my favorite dining experiences in all of England. I was so impressed with the place that I’ve attached their entire lunch and dinner menu in the link above.  If you’ve been there before, then you know precisely what I mean!


Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 062

Red, red wine makes me feel so fine…


Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 066

She’s into the rough stuff, what can I say?


Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 065

A romantic night to wine and dine at Sands Bistro in Southend-On-Sea.


Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 061

It’s not just the delicious food that makes Sands Bistro such a magnificent experience. Just look at that window view from the dinner table!


Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 055


Norfolk, Dubai, England, Mexico 069

What a gorgeous sunset!



A glimpse of the neon lights from Adventure Island at night.

No matter the time or season, life is always sunny in Southend-On-Sea! Thank you for reading my article and I hope you visit my site again real soon. Feel free to explore other areas of my blog, post a comment, and show some love on social media.


Happy travels,

Big John

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