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Fantastic Food Trucks and More Scenes from the North Shore

Anybody who has spent more than a few days on Oahu will tell you that some of the best food on the island is found at food trucks on the North Shore. These colorful restaurants on wheels first began springing up around Honolulu in the 1970s. Back then it was mainly burgers, hotdogs, and the […]

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Deep Inside Waimea Valley and a Deadly Game of Checkers

Beads of sweat began streaming down my brow as I meticulously plotted my next action. If I moved diagonally to my right, I could capture my opponent’s stone and land in a spot not threatened by any of his forward-moving advances. I was running short on options at this point in the game, so this […]

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Scenes from Haleiwa and the North Shore

Located on Oahu’s North Shore, in beautiful Waiaula Bay, lies the “malahia” (laid-back) surfing community of Haleiwa. This small town, full of unique shops and eateries, is the first thing visitors will encounter right before reaching the North Shore. Since pregnancy and surfing aren’t recommended by most physicians, Rebecca and I spent the day staying […]