Today I’m back at work and I wish more than anything that I was still on vacation.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy my job. I find it to be a very rewarding career. With today’s job market, I’m very fortunate to  have a steady paycheck when so many other Americans aren’t so lucky. I guess I just have that wanderlust spirit and most likely always will. There are really only two things I enjoy about being back in the hustle and bustle of daily life… Yes, really just two!



Back in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The first thing I enjoy about being back home is definitely the money situation. I happen to be one of those less fortunate souls that goes on vacation for one week, and then goes on a diet for about a month afterwards because I can barely afford groceries. I always seem to come back home penniless. I guess when I’m vacationing, it’s easy to forget that I earn a meager living shaving the backsides of llamas. The trade-off always seems worth it though. Everything just seems somehow better when your away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Even food tastes much better on vacation. I could eat nachos out of a dumpster, if that dumpster was in… say….the Mayan Riviera… and they would be delicious!


vacation food

Why is it food always tastes better when away?

Today on the way to work I saw a man holding a cardboard sign that read WILL WORK FOR FOOD. I’ve never understood those signs. If you will work for food, quit holding up a sign telling me about it! Go do some work somewhere, get paid money, and go buy you some food! If you’re just standing there, are you actually doing any real work?


will work for food

Every man has to eat!

All throughout history, bosses have been screaming at their employees, “Quit standing around and get back to work!” Maybe the cardboard-sign-guys know something the rest of us don’t.  Still, I truly believe most of those guys would present a more honest image if their signs simply read, WON’T WORK FOR FOOD, BUT IF YOU GIVE ME SOME MONEY FOR JUST STANDING HERE, I MIGHT BUY A SANDWICH TO GO ALONG WITH SOME BEER.  I know, you’re probably right though… that’s entirely too much writing to put on one small piece of cardboard!


work for beer

Now this sign is honest and to the point!
I was thinking about creating  sign that reads, WILL WORK FOR VACATION. There’s really only one problem with that. Since I really do go to work everyday, I don’t have time to stand on a busy street corner holding up a cardboard sign. I guess I’ll just come out and say it to all of you then…like right now. ” I WILL WORK FOR VACATION”.  Better yet, maybe I’ll skip the working part and just ask all of you to contribute to my new travel-adventure vacation fund. I’m not sure how you can get all those charitable donations to me now that you’ve read this, but I’m certain there are websites designed for those sort of things.



Dreaming of lounging on a beach somewhere with my baby.

The second thing I love about being home from vacation is being able to sleep in my own bed again.  Sure, I don’t have the softest mattress in the world and the bed bugs still bite me when I return; but those bed bugs are my bed bugs and just maybe it’s their small way of telling me they’ve missed me!


bed bugs


I really don’t have bed bugs in my mattress, that was a joke. The bed bugs that used to be in my mattress are gone. I carried them away with me when I went to Mexico a few years ago. They loved the all-inclusive Mayan-Riviera resort and refused to come back home. Anyway, it’s still good being back in South Carolina. There’s always plenty to see and do around here in my home state. I’m just looking forward to that next vacation, regardless of where I go.



A crescent moon hangs over the Palmetto (SC state tree).

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Happy travels,

Big John


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