3 Miles Up, 3 Miles Down or How to Conquer Currahee

On Memorial Day, 2015,  we loaded up the car and  headed out for a day trip to Toccoa, Georgia.  Although this Blue Ridge region of the Peach State has many spectacular places of interest, I was only focused on finding one particular landmark: Currahee Mountain. Currahee is a Cherokee word meaning “stand alone”. Most likely the name was derived […]

Navy Seals Land in Atlanta for BATTLEFROG, 2015

My latest quest for Adventure Fitness carried me clear down to  the Peach State where I, along with Rebecca and the boys, competed in the Navy Seals’ BATTLEFROG  O.C.R. (obstacle course race).  Visit battlefrogseries.com for the next BATTLEFROG race near you. Going into this particular O.C.R.,  I didn’t quite know what to expect other than one hell of a challenge. The fact that the course […]