Summer Scenes in the Port City of Ibiza

Of all the Balearic islands, Ibiza is the one that most often comes to mind when considering that go-to-place for some serious fun in the sun. This archipelago of Spain is well known for its lively nightlife, electronic music,  and spectacular beaches. The island has become a playground for the rich and famous from around the globe; attracting the likes of Justin Beiber, Orlando Bloom, and more. But if the party scene isn’t exactly your thing, don’t allow Ibiza’s rambunctious reputation to steer you clear from her friendly shores. Ibiza is also home to quiet villages, superb restaurants, great shopping, and an entire fortified city full of fascinating history.


It was a beautiful summer day in June when Rebecca and I took to exploring the streets of this Mediterranean hotspot. With a Spanish sun bearing down on us hard, tanktops and shorts became the order of the day!


That magnificent statue on the rock is a spitting image of me… Only I’m a lot taller in real life!


Aww, what a sweetheart!…. Copycat!


This Spanish coastline is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world!


Hey, pretty baby! Are you heading my way?


Rebecca rests on the seawall with a glimpse of Ibiza Old Town in the backdrop.


Look at those yachts! Clearly Ibiza is a playground for the rich and famous!


I believe this Smartcar belonged to Ken & Barbie. I could almost shove this thing inside of my backpack! Geez!


This colorful scene almost made me think I was experiencing a migraine!


Oh yeah, I’m seeing lots of lovely sights on this island!


Big John pierside in Ibiza.


Big John on the base of Ibiza’s Seafarers Monument

This monument honors local seafarers who rescued passengers and crew aboard the ill-fated S.S. Mallorca. The ship wrecked off of the Ibiza coast in 1930.


Rebecca poses in front of the monument honoring Vara de Rey.

Although General Joaquin Vara del Rey fought against American forces in the Spanish-American War, his courage on the battlefield was greatly respected by both sides of the conflict.  In 1898, American forces buried Vara de Rey with full miltary honors after he fell to them in battle.


Big John strolling through Ibiza’s Plaza de la Vila.



I have an angel who doesn’t wear any wings… but if you did want to pin some on and fly us up to the top… this hike is really turning out to be quite a climb!



These pictures don’t even begin to explain the charm of this place. To experience it first-hand should be included on everyone’s bucket list!


This picture here captures all of the beauty and splendor of this Spanish Island town.


Overlooking the tiled rooftops and stone archways of Ibiza’s famed Old Town.


She’s my little “flor del amor”. That’s Spanish for “flower of love”.



A view of the Cathedral of Santa Maria perched atop Ibiza’s fortified Dalt Vila.



Rebecca stops for a pose on the narrow and winding cobbled streets.



Rebecca stands on the stairs leading to the top of  Ibiza’s Dalt Vila  (Upper Town).


This picturesque setting could easily find its way to the scene of a jigsaw puzzle.


The archaic 16th century Renaissance walls of Dalt Vila slope downwards towards the sprawl of modern civilization. 


I find that high places helps alleviate some of the symptoms of my “short-man complex”. 


A monument honoring the spread of Christianity rests near the chapel walls.



The panoramic views afforded at the top of this fortified city made the laborous climb wholly worthwhile!



Big John embraces his amazing wife with the Celebrity Reflection cruiseship moored in the background.



Rebecca found it fascinating that somebody actually built their home inside of these rocks.


This was one of those times I wish I had brought along a bit of snorkel gear. These waters were quite a sight to behold!


This water was calling my name! It’s about time we find the beach!


Sorry ladies, my washboard abs sailed away with that cruise ship I was on… along with all of that beer and cake I consumed over my last week at sea!


It wasn’t all that hard finding the beach; although it was rather difficult finding my way off of it. Rebecca blindfolded me and made me walk backwards after discovering a few of the women sunbathing weren’t wearing any tops.


After a fun but exhausting trek in the heat, these two thirsty travelers were in desperate search of a drink!


I was afraid we had taken a wrong turn and had gotten lost. Luckily we stumbled upon these signs to show us the way!


Rebecca poses outside the Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza.


My girl doesn’t care much for beer, but she was pretty pleased to find this Hard Rock served up a refreshing Strongbow cider!


Big John & Rebecca enjoying a drink inside the Hard Rock Cafe, Ibiza, Spain.

Our summer day spent in Ibiza passed by way too quickly to see and do everything we had hoped to. It’s doubtful we would’ve experienced all that this Mediterranean island has to offer had we remained here a year or more. I hope these pictures we shared with you captured some of the essence of this old Spanish town. At the very least, I hope we inspired you to get out with that “special someone”, have some adventure of your own, and go see the world.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you visit my site again soon. Feel free to explore other areas of my blog, leave a comment, and show some love on social media.

Happy travels,

Big John


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