The Lake Como Region of Italy

As Rebecca and I drove across the Swiss border into the Lake Como region of Italy, the clouds darkened  and it began to rain. Lake Como, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, is a posh resort area known for its splendid scenery, set against the backdrop of the Alps. Lake Como has been a popular retreat for the extremely wealthy since Roman times. The actor, George Clooney, fell so in love with the area that he purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in the lakeside community of Laglio. Unfortunately for us, we encountered a dreary, wet and windy afternoon when we entered into Lake Como and our visit there was a very brief one. Along with scattered showers, the heavy clouds brought in a dense fog that limited our visibility and made any picture-taking a real challenge.

A fleeting glimpse of Lake Como from the highway.


Lake Como, the third largest lake in Italy, is 28.5 miles long and 2.8 miles wide at its widest point.


Listed as one of the deepest lakes in Europe, Lake Como has an average depth of 505 feet.


Due to poor weather, much of our exploring was done through the windshield of our car.



American authors Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway have both visited and written about the Lake Como area.


Among the many noted lakeside communities surrounding Lake Como are, Lecco, Bellagio, Tremezzo, Menaggio, Varenna, and the village of Como itself.



Many movies have been filmed in this area from Ocean’s Twelve to Casino Royale.


Lake Como is the birthplace of Villa Culture inspiring the likes of Leonardo de Vinci.


Rebecca steps out the car to get a better view of Lake Como and the surrounding area.


At the Cemetery Bellagio, Lake Como Region, Italy




The Hotel Villa Aurora in Lezzeno offers their guests a spectacular view of Lake Como, Comacina Island, and the Villa Balbianello.


Many of the shops and businesses in Bellagio appeared to have closed their doors during the winter months. Arriving in the late afternoon, Rebecca and I were practically the only tourists to be found on the nearly empty streets.


While exploring the streets of Bellagio, Rebecca is on a mission to search out some delicious Italian cuisine.


Companies such as Taxi Boat Varenna offer luxury taxi boat rides around the lake.

Being here way outside of tourist season, the streets were nearly deserted around the lake. During the warmer months, these fascinating boat tours allow countless visitors the opportunity to learn about the local Italian history; all the while admiring the breathtaking views of Lake Como surrounded by the majestic snow-capped Alps.

With the sun setting quickly over Lake Como, Rebecca and I made our way back to our car and soon put this beautiful landscape in our rearview mirror. Although the weather was less than desirable, we still enjoyed our short visit along the shores of Lake Como. Perhaps we will return one day when the sun is shining and streets are crowded with festive people. For now, thanks for visiting Big John’s Adventures in Travel. I hope this post motivates you to pack those bags and set out on an adventure all of your own making.


Happy travels,

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