Hiking Up the Lanikai Pillbox Trail with Precious Cargo

The precious little girl you see pictured below is Selah and, not unlike her daddy, she loves a good adventure. Selah has completed many hikes in the Aloha State, most of which she did while perched high on her daddy’s back. As with most hikes, the Lanikai Pillbox trail being no exception, I like keeping her up high where she can navigate the terrain. Her daddy has a habit of sometimes stumbling off the designated path and getting lost.

The Lanikai Pillbox hike on Kaiwa Ridge is one of the most popular hikes on all of Oahu and well worth the effort despite it being heavily trafficked. This moderate hike, located near the beautiful community of Kailua, is 2.9 kilometers long and offers hikers an abundance of wild flowers and spectacular views. The Lanikai Pillbox hike trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips. Aside for the rare occurrence, the hike is easily accessible 365 days a year.

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Most hikers stay true to the Aloha spirit and refrain from littering. I am a firm believer in keeping a place as good or better than when you left it.

While I had Selah securely in tow, my wife, Rebecca, had her own precious cargo that she was carrying to the top.

This is my fearless son, Jonah. Don’t let his slight physique fool you. He was every bit up to the challenge.

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There are over 160 types of flowers in Hawaii. Hikers on the Lanikai Pillbox trail can enjoy many beauties such as these along their journey.

The view only gets even more spectacular from here!

I tried to get Selah in on this selfie but she wasn’t having any of it.

It’s views like this one that makes Oahu a top tourist destination for travelers around the world.

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Jonah leads the way on our hike to the top.
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Look at mommy go! She’s just a skip and a hop away from the pillbox (Although she probably should refrain from skipping and hopping on the trail with a bun in the oven).

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Jonah basks in his glory upon reaching this colorful pillbox unscathed.

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The Lanikai Pillbox has seen more than one can of spray paint since its construction.

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As you can see, the pillbox is the most photographed point on the Lanikai hike.

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Big John and crew are all accounted for – all five… I mean six of us have made it to the top!
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A glimpse of the Ka’ala mountain range can be seen in the background.

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Did I fail to mention that the Lanikai Pillbox hike offers some amazing views?
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This photo gives the viewer some perspective as to the location of the Lanikai Pillbox as it relates to the rest of the terrain.
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I almost wanted to take a hang glider off this ledge… fortunately for Selah, I don’t own any such contraptions.
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I can only imagine how muddy this trail must get during the rainy months of winter.
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The tropical beach community of Kailua, captured below, is a must-stop destination for visitors to Oahu.
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Jonah stops on the Lanikai trail to admire the breathtaking views below.
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There are nearly 50 well-known hiking trails on the island of Oahu.
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“Malibu’s Most Wanted” successfully adds another notch on his belt of the Hawaiian hikes he’s successfully mastered.
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Oh, do be careful pretty baby! That is some precious cargo you’re carrying!

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It’s only appropriate that I throw up a shaka! Nothing says “Hawaii culture” more than an outdoor excursion to the top of the Lanikai Pillbox.
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Big John enjoys the panoramic scenery atop the splendid Lanikai Pillbox trail.

All in all, the Lanikai Pillbox Trail hike comes highly recommended. The only thing I would caution the mainlanders on is to pay special attention to where you park your car. No, I didn’t lose the thing. I had Selah on my back to navigate me straight to it. The problem is that I parked in an area reserved for special events. Needless to say, I had a Honolulu Police parking citation affixed firmly to my windshield upon our return. No worries though, it was a small price to pay for such a beautiful day in the Aloha State.

Happy travels,

Big John

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