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Scrumptious Confections from Around the Globe

One of the most exciting aspects about international travel can be the simple joy of sampling new desserts.  If you’re a globetrotter with a sweet tooth, you know I’m speaking your language. In the following article I’ve compiled an assorted list of scrumptious confections from around the world.  If you’re  currently not traveling, no need to feel […]

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From Merry Old England with Love

CLASSIFIED:   Living the life of a secret agent and international man of mystery is rarely easy in merry old England. I was inside my Godmanchester home, enjoying a nice peaceful day of rest, when an urgent coded message arrived by carrier pigeon at my garden window.   Agent 008: The panther has been spotted sipping wine  at the […]

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Boxing Gloves and Kangaroo Dreams

The Aboriginals believed that if you ever dream about getting attacked by a kangaroo then your reputation is in great peril.  I thought about that before deciding to tell this story; but since I lost my reputation after making out with this girl named Porkchop in the eleventh grade, I think this one can be safely […]

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Riviera Mayan Adventure on the Reef Playacar

When Rebecca first mentioned going to Mexico I was leery. Mexico? At the time, the only thing I knew about our southern neighbor was what the US Army taught me years before. That hard lesson was learned in 1998 while doing a short stint at Fort Bliss. For those of you unfamiliar with Fort Bliss, […]

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Go to Taziki’s in Charleston for Great Mediterranean Cuisine

 Rebecca and I just returned from Charleston, SC this weekend and boy did we have a great time! It was a bit rainy Saturday night but the weather didn’t stop us from doing a little exploring in the historical downtown district. After finally seeking out a free parking space near the College of Charleston we […]