Finding Romance in Bath, England

If you’re looking for that special romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, you could fly to Florence, Paris, or Vienna and really dazzle that someone special in your life … or you can pull out all the stops and set your sights on the Romanesque city of Bath, England. There is romance in Bath, England. There are actually so many wonderful things about Bath I really don’t know where to begin.  I can start by explaining that this historic Roman spa city, located 100 miles west of London, is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Back in the glory days of the Roman Empire, sometime around 50 AD,   the Romans erected temples around natural hot springs  to honor their Goddess Minerva. These  bath complexes, in the ancient Roman province of Brittania, were known by their inhabitants as Aquae Sulis.  Today this romantic city is simply known as Bath. To really win her heart, you should start by taking her straight into the heart of this city.  Take her directly to the site that really makes this city tick – the Roman Baths.


The Roman baths in Bath, England are the only mineral hot springs in the entire United Kingdom. These 2,000 year old feats of awe-inspiring archeology are superbly maintained for the modern world to see.


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The history behind these Roman Baths is simply amazing!


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After touring the spot where Romans once gathered for steamy baths, wander next door and behold the last Gothic Church in all of England.  The Bath Abbey, erected in 1499, was built on the remains of a former Norman cathedral. This breathtaking place of worship is sure to inspire and amaze. Climb the to the top of Abbey Tower and really sweep her off her feet with an aerial view of Bath and the nearby countryside.



The Bath Abbey

There have been three different churches that have occupied the site of today’s Abbey since 757 AD. First, an Anglo-Saxon monastery which was destroyed by Norman conquerors; then a massive Norman cathedral  was begun about 1090 but lay in ruins by late 15th century; and finally, the present Abbey Church as we now know it. The first King of all England, King Edgar, was crowned on this site in 973. The service set the precedent for the coronation of all future Kings and Queens of England including Queen Elizabeth II.


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Walk around to the north side of Bath Abbey and you will come face to face with the woman who’s been drawing water there since 1861. This historic drinking fountain is known as The Rebecca Fountain.


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The Rebecca Fountain

As beautiful as she is, this statuesque figure is no where near as lovely as my own Rebecca.


France and England 2010 107

My baby doll, Rebecca


France and England 2010 106

Standing tall and looking good, she ought to be in Hollywood…


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Roman archways adorn the entrance into the city.


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The hustle and bustle of Bath on an English summer day.


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Save those feet for dancing and hop on the City Sightseeing Bus.

This open-topped double decker bus is a relaxing way to tour the city.  With 38 fascinating stops along the route,  you can hop on and off this fiery red beast as often as you please.


The Royal Crescent in Bath, England

Wherever you venture off to in this sultry city for lovers, please do not miss seeing the iconic Royal Crescent designed by the famous architect, John Wood the Younger. This crescent shaped row of thirty terraced houses were built between 1767 and 1774. The Royal Crescent now includes a upscale hotel and Georgian museum.


thermae spa interior

Thermae Bath Spa (Interior View)

To get the most romance this city had to offer, no visit to Bath would be complete without taking your date to the  soothing  Thermae Bath Spa. Why should a dip in the local thermal spring waters only be reserved for the ancient Romans? At Thermae Bath spa you don’t have to beat the Romans, you can join them.  This grand spa features multiple aroma steam rooms,  thermal baths, and a naturally heated rooftop pool.



The rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa offers a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline. 

If my little picture tour of Bath, England has caused any sparks to fly, don’t let those feelings just  slip away. Book your romantic getaway today at Big John’s Adventures in Travel.  She’ll be happy you did!

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