Toddlers with Tantrums Raze the Deadwood Hills

Anybody traveling through the Black Hills in early April is likely to encounter a bit of snow. Throwing two toddlers into the mix, an unexpected blizzard, and the joys (or woes) of parenthood, we ultimately found ourselves needing a vacation from this vacation. Despite the conditions, the Cutler family managed to stake out quite an adventure in the picturesque hills of South Dakota and Wyoming. Our mainstay on this western excursion was the historic town of Deadwood.

deadwood 1876
Deadwood Gulch, 1876

In 1874 gold was discovered in the Black Hills. Not long after, one of the largest gold rushes in America sent miners by the thousands pouring into the area to seek out their fortunes and fame. Deadwood, named after the large gulch of fallen trees, became legendary for some of its more flamboyant locals such as Wild Bill Hickok, Poker Alice and Calamity Jane. The town holds special meaning to me as I spent two of the best years of my childhood living there.

IMG 0725 2
Deadwood Gulch, 2023
IMG 0731
If you were to ask Selah and “Pip”, riding the trolley endlessly up and down the streets was the only true way to see Deadwood.
IMG 7980
Arie “Pip” had a blast riding Deadwood’s trolley through its historic streets. Just look at his mischievous laugh! I believe it was at this very moment that Pip devised his sinister plot that we shall uncover in the pictures that follow.
IMG 7977
Selah also takes a little time out of her busy day of being a princess to enjoy the trolley. Now tell me, how did such a sweet girl become an accomplice to the dastardly deeds her little brother was scheming up?
IMG 7975
Pip said he was none too impressed with the likes of Wild Bill Hickok. He had much larger exploits in mind.
IMG 0831
The Bullock Hotel, named after legendary lawman, Seth Bullock, is said to be haunted by his ghost.
Seth Bullock, who began his legendary career as Deadwood’s sheriff in 1877, was said to have the ability to stare down a cobra with his steely eyes. It is too bad the sheriff wasn’t still around when Arie, “the Pipster” came to town.
IMG 0833
The historic Bullock Hotel was built in 1896 and maintains much of its 19th century charm.
IMG 0832
Selah and Pip got kicked out of the Bullock Hotel for playing a couple of their alluring gaming machines. Apparently the fake mustaches they purchased from a nearby gift shop were a bust.
IMG 0836
The front desk of Deadwood’s Bullock Hotel
IMG 0834
I was hoping for a new hat but this shop was still closed.
IMG 1030
We are a family that loves museums and the Days of 76 and Adams Museum were both a fascinating and frugal way to spend a portion of our day.
IMG 0898 1
A bronco rider enshrined in snow outside the Days of 76 rodeo grounds.
IMG 0897 1
Selah rides shotgun where she can keep an eagle-eye out for bandits on the trail.
IMG 0869
Selah decided to give “Dada” her seat since he was slightly better with the boom-stick.
IMG 0870
Only a man such as “Deadwood Dick” could pull off some buckskins like those!
IMG 0866
Newton’s wagons carried the goods to placer miners working the streams and hills.
IMG 0880 1
Selah makes a final check of provisions before heading out West.
IMG 0887 1 1
IMG 0888 1
Selah sees milk and she’s ready to jump aboard!
IMG 0883
Pip said all he needs is beans, bacon and his trusty “paci”. After that he is all set for life on the open range.
IMG 0873
Custer State Park was closed during our trip; however, Selah and Pip still got a glimpse of their very first buffalo at the Days of 76 Museum.
IMG 0872
The first rule in chariot racing is undoubtedly being able to see where your team of horses needs to go.
IMG 0859
An early morning blanket of snow covers the streets of Deadwood.
wild bill
James Butler Hickok, aka “Wild Bill”, was one of the greatest legends of the Old West. He was shot and killed in Deadwood’s Saloon # 10 on August 2, 1876. At the time of his demise, Hickok was holding a pair of “aces and eights” which would come to be known as the “dead man’s hand”.
IMG 0849
All the familiar faces can be found in Deadwood’s Saloon # 10.
IMG 0854 1
IMG 0851
Saloon #10 is every much a museum as it is a trusty watering hole.
IMG 0848
IMG 0843
The actual chair, featured above, was what Wild Bill Hickok was seated on when he was gunned down by the infamous outlaw, Jack McCall.
IMG 0853
Visitors to Deadwood Gulch can still find a friendly game of poker at Saloon # 10.
IMG 0846
The Lakota people refer to the Black Hills as “Paha Sapa” – their sacred hunting grounds.
IMG 0838
Selah will need to shed a layer or two before she melts into the sawdust floor.
IMG 0844
IMG 0911 1
A grand portrait of Wild Bill on display at the Adams Museum.
IMG 0906 1
IMG 0908 1 1
I don’t believe this little guy would agree with the expression, “Two heads are always better than one”.
IMG 0907 1
Some say it was the greatest heist in all of Deadwood’s history. Selah lifted the glass ever so slightly and Pip’s arms was just small enough to grab a hold of the nugget.
potato creek johnny
“Potato Creek Johnny” discovered this leg-shaped nugget some 50 years after the first gold strike in the territory. It was the largest nugget ever found in the Black Hills.
IMG 0927 1
Selah and Arie decided to bury the gold near a prominent marker just outside of town. This particular memorial marks the spot where “Preacher Smith” was found shot and killed after departing on foot to Crook City to preach a sermon.
IMG 0928 1
IMG 0799
Selah stands watch for Pinkerton agents as Pip hurriedly buries his loot in the snow.
IMG 0728
Pip got a bit nervous when he saw Selah talking to the town marshal the following day; but nothing to worry about, she wasn’t about to spill the location of the stolen nugget.
IMG 0860
The Franklin, built in 1903, has housed numerous celebrity guests throughout the years to include Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth and John Wayne.
IMG 0740
A view of view of Deadwood’s Main Street from the Franklin Hotel.
IMG 1022
Inside the Franklin’s elegant lobby
IMG 1021
IMG 0737
The Deadwood Mountain Grand, which formerly housed the old Homestake slime plant, now encompasses a luxury grand casino hotel and state-of-the-art entertainment venue.
IMG 0733
The streets of Deadwood are relatively clear of any crowds in the winter months.
IMG 0837
Winter still had one more trick up her sleeve in the gaming town of Deadwood.
IMG 0913 1
The Fremont Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad was once a popular travel line faring passengers to rough-and-tumble places like Dodge City, Kansas and Deadwood, SD.
IMG 0861
IMG 0720
Saint Ambrose Cemetery is the gravesite for many of Deadwood’s unfortunate children who succumbed to smallpox in the 1870s.
IMG 0723
As a child I spent many hours with friends exploring the wilderness above Brown Rock.
IMG 1033
IMG 0721
This is the actual house I lived in when I attended the 6th and 7th grade.
IMG 0752
The weather has finally cleared and the sun beginning to peek over the hills brings promise of a gorgeous day!
IMG 0956 1
IMG 0958 1
Sporting his brand-new “Napoleon Dynamite” moonboots, Pip was all set to conquer that colossal mountain of snow.
IMG 0960 1
Look at him scaling that curb with such ease! He is a truly a world-class climber!
IMG 0951 1
The gravesite of Wild Bill Hickok at Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood.
IMG 0946
Pip said had he lived back then, he would have been on the front cover of every single dime novel!
IMG 0948
A true legend in his own mind.
calamity Jane
Another true legend, Calamity Jane, was a well-known figure of Deadwood and the Old West.
IMG 0954 1
Calamity Jane’s dying wish was “bury me beside Wild Bill”.
IMG 0968 2
The views from Mount Moriah Cemetery were beautiful.
IMG 0719
IMG 0964 1
After stealing Potato Creek Johnny’s nugget and then burying it at this man’s memorial site, I think Pip felt it was more than appropriate to pay his respects to the ill-fated preacher.
IMG 0950 1
If you look closely, you can barely see Pip’s guilty little hand pressed against the bottom of this stone wall. Pip refused to be photographed at this particular gravesite due to him robbing the dead man of his most-prized possession.
IMG 1031
Pip wasn’t impressed much here either. The nugget he “found” at the museum was much, much bigger!
IMG 0970 1
Deadwood is known for its colorful Victorian and Queen Anne-style homes.
IMG 0969 1
The Adams House
IMG 0753
The last U.S. census conducted in 2022 placed the population at 1,201 permanent residents.
IMG 0729
We would be amiss not to make mention of Deadwood’s VFW Post 5969. Not only does this patriotic establishment have a reputation for cheap drinks and loose slots, it serves up the best $7 bacon cheeseburger plate anywhere west of the Mississippi!
IMG 1037
Running from the strong-arm of the law is never easy. Arie takes a moment to slip off his kicks and catch a breather near Homestake mine in Lead, SD.
IMG 1038
The Homestake Gold Mine, once called “the richest 100 square miles on earth”, was in operation for 125 years.
IMG 0763
Entering Deadwood from the nearby mining town of Lead.
IMG 1027 1
Wild Bill Bar claims to be the original location where Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed. Today, the establishment features Old West artifacts and decorum, beer, darts, pool tables, and even old-time candy and ice cream for any toddlers in tow.
Wanted Poster
Unfortunately, something came up and we had to leave the town of Deadwood in a hurry. When Rebecca said it would probably be a few years until we saw the Black Hills again, Selah remained quiet but Pip became downright fussy. In one of his all-too-usual toddler tantrums, he exclaimed, “Come hell or high water, I will be back in Deadwood before the last of these diapers run out. I got business with a preacher and a prospector and there is gold in ’em there hills!” At least that’s what I think he said. His trusty “paci” was limiting much of his speech.
IMG 1020
Happy travels,

Big John

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