A Flower in the Spanish City of Malaga

Lying on the Costa Del Sol (Coast of the Sun), within the Mediterranean, is the beautiful Spanish city of Malaga. This southernmost large European city is the birthplace of many notable persons to include Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. Malaga’s history spans back some 2,800 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. With my stunning señora by my side, I set out on foot to explore all of the city’s splendor and ageless beauty.

Big John and Rebecca set out to explore the beautiful Spanish city of Malaga.


In Malaga one can find some of the best beaches in the entire Costa Del Sol.


Big John peers out over the sunny Spanish shore.


Yachts, sailboats, and catamarans line the docks of this famous port city.


The sun-soaked scene impressed on me that I had entered into some sort of subtropical Garden of Eden. 


The history of Malaga is all shared by Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian eras.



The Castle of Gibralfaro, pictured in the background, overlooks Málaga city and the Mediterranean Sea.


A statue of a biznaguero stands amidst the Pedro Luis Alonso gardens.


My beautiful Spanish flower rests in the shade of the stone stairway.


This rocky fortress was built in the 14th century to defend the Alcazabra (Arabic for citadel).


Big John and Rebecca take in the magnificent view from the top of Gibralfaro lookout.


The Plaza De Toros La Malagueta has been the premier place to witness a bullfight since 1876.


Malaga is the fastest growing tourist region in all of Spain.

As of late, the city receives well over a million visitors each passing year.


Malaga boasts numerous shopping centers for fashion, art, restaurants, and cinema.


Big John captures the scene with his trusty iPhone.


The renown Cathedral of Malaga began its construction in 1530 A.D.


The breathtaking garden outside the cathedral.


The ornate and Gothic ceiling of the cathedral.


Great works of Spanish art adorned the walls.


Various depictions of Christ’s crucifixion memorialized this place of worship.



There are also two magnificent organs inside the cathedral containing more than 4,000 pipes.


Many of these superb paintings were obvious works from the Rennaisance.


The Panta Rei sculpture in the Plaza del Siglo.


A splendid view of Malaga and its port.


Malaga’s street artists possess an abundance of talent.

Rebecca can barely take her eyes off those hanging ham hocks!


I traveled all the way to Malaga for its green olives and cold beer!


After exploring for quite some time, we set out to find a nice place to eat.



Lucky for us, there were numerous restaurants on every street.


The El Mentidero Tavern, offering an extensive menu of malacitana cuisine, was exactly what we had been looking for! 


Their culinary variety ranged from fresh fish caught in the bay to the most typical tapas of the Andalusian cuisine.


From the lifestyles of the rich & famous…. Oh, let the girl dream!

Malaga is a city of fascinating history and beautiful scenes. From its high-rise hotels and resorts to its yellow-sand beaches, this Spanish flower of a city is a place we will not soon forget! Thank you for coming along on our journey and please visit Big John’s Adventures in Travel again soon.


Happy travels,

Big John

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